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totem acoustic ember element serie luidsprekers dealer belgium

Totem acoustic Ember
Totem acoustic

€ 4899

€ 4995


Boekenplank luidspreker. High end klasse. Breed spectrum, directe weergave, puur zoals het moet.


Met Totem acoustic element serie, is het een stap in een andere dimensie. Hifi stereo, maar ook voor homecinema dolby atmos en auro3D is deze luidspreker uitermate geschikt.



A star is born


The new Element Ember from Totem is unique in its architectural design and geometric conception. Its stunning multi-angled chassis displays no apparent parallel lines, seemingly defying the laws of perspective.

The Element Ember comes purposefully appointed with the new Torrent™ 6-inch driver. With its custom designed and machined aluminum terminal back plates, precision machined reflex ports and fabulous platinum W.B.T. connectors (bi-wireable), the Ember is burning hot. Available in gleaming, luxurious, 4-coat polyester finishes: Dusk/Black or Ice/White.

The Element Series is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Tribe Series, for stunning synergy in surround setups.



Design features

  • Unique architectural design and geometric conception
  • Stunning multi-angled chassis
  • Available in gleaming, luxurious, 4-coat polyester finishes
  • Custom designed & machined aluminum terminal back plates
  • Magnetic grills included


  • 2-way mini monitor
  • ¾ inch soft dome tweeter
  • Torrent™ 6-inch hand-assembled woofer
  • Fabulous platinum W.B.T. connectors (bi-wireable)
  • Revolutionary magnetic field technology
  • Fully rear damped 6-inch cone

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